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Not to toot our own horn, but we're often cited and featured in leading publications, both online and in print.

Mar 12

Why Creating Shared Value is Vital for Winning the War on Talent

The success of all organizations – private, public and not-for-profit – fundamentally depends on the talented individuals that work for them. A business is only ever as good as its people are, and a consistent challenge for business leaders and managers is to attract the best and brightest to their cause.

Feb 21

Keeping MBAs Focused on Social Change, Even After Fad Passes

MBAs who flocked to jobs in social entrepreneurship when the financial crisis made jobs in finance less appealing may drift back to the traditional career course as the economy rebounds. A conference at a top Spanish business school wants to keep that from happening.

Jan 27

How to Achieve Employee Engagement 2.0

Taking employee engagement to the next level and embedding sustainability into the business has been a common theme discussed in recent webinars, panels and industry conferences. However, while people recognize the challenge, the question of how to implement it remains.

Jan 06

CSR: Just a PR Gimmick or Building a Better Future?

With everyone's eyes on it, it is hard not to have an opinion on it. Are you one of those who are skeptical, wondering whether CSR is just another PR gimmick to help businesses make more profits, or do you truly have faith that CSR will shape a better future for business and society? Let's explore the topic some more before you decide.

Nov 18

A Message to the CEO: Show Some More Humanity Please

In this age of the skeptical consumer and investor, companies have had to improve their transparency, showing not just their strengths but their weaknesses as well. The theory is that a balanced view leads to more trust, not less. It's too bad that most CEOs on the speaking tour are still talking in platitudes....

Nov 08

Net Impact Lays the Foundation for Collaborative and Constructive Global Transformation Through Business

While change through innovation may be slower and more subtle, it tends to be less painful than the fallout of sudden upheaval—disruptive change often leaves no roadmap for the future. Solution-centered innovation can be more impactful and long-lasting. It is this belief that brings me to the annual Net Impact Conference year after year.

Oct 25

Campbell Soup CEO: 'You Can Lead the Change Or Be a Victim of Change'

She started honing her business skills when she was child, and she grew up to help shape an industry that faces a significant shift in what its customers want. Now Denise Morrison, CEO of Campbell Soup, is tasked with pushing a century-old brand to be a tastemaker rather than trend follower. She appeared on the opening keynote stage at the Net Impact sustainability conference in Silicon Valley Thursday night.

Oct 21

Net Impact Goes Back to School

Thousands of students will descend on the newly renovated San Jose Convention Center for this year’s Net Impact conference, held from Oct. 24 to 26. Once again we at GreenBiz look forward to being energized by the work of these students and hear how they are tackling some of the world’s toughest social and environmental problems.

Oct 20

Social Responsibility and M.B.A.s

Like many businesspeople, Ketevan Sidamonidze has traveled far — in her case from Georgia, in the Caucasus region, to the Esade business school in Spain — to earn a master’s in business administration. Unlike most others, she said, the driving force in her decision to get an M.B.A. was not to improve her career prospects, but rather to improve her ability do social good.

Sep 30

5 Ways TD Bank is Making Green Engagement Go Viral

The best way to inspire lasting cultural change within any organization is to make the new concept part of business as usual. But how do you make an impact with a three-person environmental and sustainability team? That's the topic of a case study published today by Net Impact and GreenBiz Group.

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