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Meika Hollender

VP, Communications
Grove Collaborative

Meika Hollender is the VP of Communications at Grove Collaborative, a leading sustainable consumer products company transforming the industry into a force for human and environmental good. As a certified B Corp and the first plastic-neutral retailer in the world, Grove is committed to moving Beyond Plastic and becoming 100% plastic-free by 2025.

In her role, Meika oversees the development and execution of the communications strategy for Grove’s award-winning brand initiatives and drives awareness through storytelling around Grove’s brand purpose and sustainability efforts. Prior to Grove, Meika was the Co-Founder and CEO of Sustain, the category leader in natural sexual wellness products for women. Five years into her fast-growing business, Sustain was acquired by Grove Collaborative in 2019. While remaining President & Co-Founder of Sustain, Meika joined the Grove Collaborative team to bring her expertise in product innovation and social impact to the company's wide array of CPG offerings.

Meika received her MBA from New York University’s Stern School of Business. Meika is an author and her most recent book, Get on Top, was published by Simon & Schuster in 2018. Meika also serves on the board of Net Impact and on the Young Visionaries Committee for Planned Parenthood New York City.