Our Funders

Annual sponsors

Foundation supporters

  • Alcoa Foundation
  • International Paper Foundation
  • The John D. and Catherine T. McArthur Foundation
  • The Kaiser Permanente National Community Benefit Fund
  • McKesson Foundation
  • Newman's Own Foundation
  • Peter G. Peterson Foundation
  • S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Additional funders

  • National Park Service
  • Brown-Forman Corporation
  • Dow Chemical Company
  • Linkedin
  • Mary Kay Inc.
  • MasterCard Worldwide
  • TD Bank
  • The Timberland Company

Individual donors

  • Anne Roosevelt
  • Cecily Joseph
  • Dave Stangis
  • Jim Schorr
  • Kayla McMurry
  • Laura Asiala
  • Lila Preston
  • Marc Gunther
  • Mark Albion
  • Mark Pinsky
  • Paulette Frank
  • Peter Haas
  • Teresa LeFevre
  • Jennifer Walske
  • Vincent Robinson

Net Impact Corporate Relationship Policy

Approved by Net Impact's Board of Directors May, 2008

Net Impact was founded on the principle and belief that business, as the most prevalent and powerful institution in the world today, must increasingly become a vehicle for addressing social and environmental issues. In conjunction with that perspective, Net Impact also recognizes that one of the greatest opportunities for impact lies in affecting the leadership, policies, and operations of the world’s largest corporations. As such, Net Impact will actively seek to develop relationships with major corporations that can advance the organization’s mission to change the world through business. The nature of these relationships can and will take on many forms, including the receipt of funds through corporate sponsorships and the participation of key representatives of major companies on Net Impact’s Board of Directors.

In developing corporate relationships, we will always seek to align ourselves with the most progressive organizations in the world, to both learn from and help advance their CSR-related efforts. But we also recognize that no corporation is flawless in its social and environmental impacts, and perhaps the greatest opportunities exist with those who have yet to make major commitments to social responsibility and sustainability. We will thus consider relationship opportunities with all corporations provided two conditions exist: (1) that corporate intentions for association are consistent with Net Impact’s mission and ideals, and (2) that there is some demonstrated/emerging commitment to CSR that suggests that a positive future trajectory is likely.