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Julia Levin

Julia Levin

Julia is a public engagement and program management specialist with a background in international affairs, development economics, and political science. By combining her knowledge of economics and civic participation, Julia works to shape Net Impact's programs. She has worked with numerous global and local NGOs on projects related to engaging young professionals, community management, civic involvement, event planning, marketing, fundraising, and social research.

Julia has a master's degree with a focus on global development from the Julien J Studley School of International Affairs at New York's New School.  She has a bachelor's degree in liberal arts from St. John’s College located in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

In her free time, Julia can be found diving into a book, practicing yoga, throwing ceramics, or spending time outside.


When I need to relax, I: put on a podcast and cook a meal.

The part of my job that keeps me heading to work each day is: being able to create social impact opportunities that inspire learning, collaboration, and action.

What surprises me most about my career path is: how diverse parts of my past have ended up complementing one another.

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