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Kassy Holmes

Kassy Holmes

As a Program Manager, Kassy focuses on creating engaging and meaningful program experiences for the Net Impact community. Prior to joining Net Impact, Kassy served as Project Director for a federally funded grant that supported racially and ethnically minoritized college students in accessing STEM programs, co-curricular opportunities, and academic resources. Her previous experience also includes working for an international non-profit to advance global sustainability strategies and support smallholder forestry and agricultural communities in adapting to climate change. Kassy has a master’s degree in environmental conservation education from New York University and a bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from Rollins College.

When I need to relax, I: read, travel, spend time in nature, ride my bike, and enjoy the company of family and friends.

The part of my job that keeps me heading to work each day is: the hope that I am contributing in some way to creating a more sustainable and equitable society and helping to push progress in a positive direction on issues that are important to me.

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