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Megan Shea

Megan Shea

I have over ten years of experience working in international development, community economic development, and education. My first love is international development, and in recent years I've worked on community economic development projects in Beijing, Buenos Aires, and Cambodia. Just before joining Net Impact, I spent six months working at an international NGO promoting financial inclusion with Muslim women in western China.

I feel at home at Net Impact because I'm happiest being on the entrepreneurial edge of mission-driven work. Prior to joining Net Impact, I spent four years managing and growing new housing programs with Habitat for Humanity in the East Bay and Silicon Valley. An urbanist at heart, I love working on projects that make the Bay Area an even more livable, collaborative, and creative place. Although I now call Berkeley home, I hail from the state of keystones, Ben Franklin, and fireflies (the state insect).


  • I grew up wanting to be: A librarian. I still have the card catalog system that I set up for my stuffed animals in elementary school.
  • My most useful skill is: Keeping a cool head no matter what's going on. Also, writing really good to-do lists.
  • When I need to relax, I: Turn on good music and start cooking.

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