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Sophia Sparksworthy

Sophia Sparksworthy

I am part of the development team at Net Impact, where I assist in the growth and support of our partnerships with organizations who are dedicated to environmental and social well being. Prior to joining the Net Impact team, I served as a Business Development Manager and Account Executive in the software industry. Over the last several years, I have combined my love of building relationships with a passion for sustainability and social justice, working within various administrative roles to support nonprofits in the Bay Area. I am passionate about the role business plays in driving positive change for people and the planet! I hold a B.A. in international relations with a minor in Russian from San Francisco State University.


  • My most useful skill: remembering faces and names easily.
  • I grew up wanting to be: an archaeologist focused on Egyptology
  • What surprises me most about my career path is: it has not been one clear road to find where my passions and talents intersect

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