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Social Impact Powerhouses GOOD Worldwide, Upworthy and Net Impact Launch GOOD Institute


Pioneering organizations dedicated to social impact align to scale initiatives, serving as a force for good.

LOS ANGELES & OAKLAND, CA (November 3, 2021) - GOOD Worldwide, Upworthy and Net Impact have forged a Social Impact Alliance to launch GOOD Institute, scale impact initiatives, engage the next generation of leaders, and serve as a force for good for leading businesses. GOOD Institute is a new nonprofit thought leader and social action think tank,  empowering socially responsible organizations and individuals. 

“The ever-increasing power dynamic of consumers, employees, and investors – each seeking new responses to prove credible progress on social impact – demand regenerative solutions and structures,” said Net Impact CEO Peter Lupoff, who also serves as CEO for GOOD  Institute. “GOOD Institute is a response to this current demand for action, because yesterday’s approaches don’t meet today’s social impact needs,” added GOOD Worldwide CEO Max Schorr

This social impact alliance leverages more than 45 years of combined experience and relationships of GOOD Worldwide, Upworthy and Net Impact to empower and influence millions of engaged citizens, students, corporations, employees, and activists throughout the world to create meaningful and lasting change. Each organization brings a track record of excellence, issue and functional expertise, and unique perspectives to this new collaboration. 

  • GOOD Worldwide is a B Corp mission-driven social impact company reaching millions of people every day through its award-winning media channels, Upworthy and GOOD,  and offering business solutions, that enable top corporate and philanthropic brands to drive awareness, social action and change. Upworthy, its social media megaphone  spreads meaningful content, reaching over 100MM a month to inspire and share the  “best of humanity.” 
  • Net Impact is a leading nonprofit with an active community of 160,000 members across 350+ college campuses and local communities in over 40 countries who aspire to be effective drivers of economic, social, and environmental change through Net  Impact activations and programs, individual actions, and their chosen careers. Net Impact will continue to work with next-gen leaders in chapters around the world to empower social change, within GOOD Institute.


2021 GOOD Institute Impact Survey

As part of its launch, GOOD Institute is releasing the results of its first GOOD Institute Impact Survey. Querying more than 500 current and future Business Leaders (BL) as well as the General Public (GP), the 2021 Impact Survey explores what these groups believe to be our most pressing social issues and the most effective ways companies and individuals can harness their influence to make a difference.

“While issues today seem to be increasingly divisive, I am heartened to see an overwhelming majority of people holding shared beliefs and ideas about what needs to be done to address our societal challenges,” said Schorr. “GOOD Institute will enable significant  action to benefit our planet now and for future generations.” 

“By identifying specific steps we, engaged citizens, are willing to take to make a difference,  as well as the qualities we need to see in business leaders, the report provides an ideal roadmap for broad stakeholders to work together to address the world’s biggest challenges,” noted Lupoff


Key Findings

  • Climate Change Considered Most Critical Issue
  • 80% of General Public Sees Voting As Vital
  •  Nearly One-Quarter of Surveyed Business Leaders Would Run For Office
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Initiatives and Treating Employees
  • Fairly Mark Top Ways Business Can Create Impact


The complete findings of the report demonstrate expansive consensus. A summary and the full results of the GOOD Institute 2021 Impact Survey are available at


About GOOD Institute

GOOD Institute, a newly formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established through the alliance of Net Impact, GOOD Worldwide and Upworthy, will address important issues,  drive social action and reimagine the possibilities for our shared future by charting a new contract between business and society to meet today’s evolving challenges with regenerative solutions. The Institute is also now home to science, technology, and ethics media platform

GOOD Institute will

  • mobilize forces for good in business and community 
  • activate engaged generations of young business leaders who prioritize good as a core business value 
  • present science and fact-based information to the public, seeking to re-establish a common set of facts to inform our discourse 
  • build stronger relationships between the private and nonprofit sectors that enable  collaboration and the infusion of purpose-driven decision making across both


GOOD Institute In Action

Initiatives include: 

  • Strategic Activations - with almost three decades of experience developing unique approaches that inspire youth engagement and action in partnership with such major companies as 3M, AT&T, Best Buy, McDonald’s and Starbucks. 
  • Fellowships - engaging passionate and talented leaders to increase their capacity to affect world-changing issues. Fellows are supported by GOOD Institute to build collaborations between leading organizations across the sectors, foster community, and identify opportunities for tremendous impact. 
  • Accelerators - inspiring, empowering, and investing in the work of emerging experts with the potential for ground-breaking impact. Innovators receive funding, connections, and mentorship to deepen their impact and expand their reach.
  • - an editorially independent media platform; features news and discussion about science, technology, ethics, and the future of humanity. hosts the fast-growing podcast, “Making Sense of Science” and a special multi-part series, “COVID  Vaccines and the Return to Life.” is supported by Aspen Institute Science  & Society Program, Bayer AG, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, the Howard  Hughes Medical Institute, and the Rita Allen Foundation. 


For more information about GOOD Institute, please visit