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Amplifying Black Voices for Sustainable Change with Net Impact Black Professionals Chapter

Amplifying Black Voices for Sustainable Change with Net Impact Black Professionals Chapter


Our world is grappling with pressing social and environmental challenges and at Net Impact, our mission lies in being a beacon of hope. As a non-profit organization advocating for change, we are committed to empowering emerging leaders to create impactful social and environmental change, continuing to pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future. 

Central to this mission is our Black Professionals Chapter. The Black Professionals Chapter is an integral part of Net Impact, developed to amplify Black voices and foster the pursuit of sustainability and equity.

SustainSteps Program

The SustainSteps program lies at the heart of our initiatives. SustainSteps is a dynamic platform designed to encourage individuals to take actionable steps toward sustainability every month. SustainSteps is a catalyst for individuals to actively participate and commit to creating change in various fields, amplifying the reach and efficacy of Net Impact's collective efforts. 

Net Impact's Commitment to Anti-Racism and Inclusivity

At Net Impact, we recognize the systemic barriers faced by many marginalized communities, particularly Black individuals, in the sectors of sustainability and social impact. As drivers of change, we are committed to addressing these issues head-on, evolving towards anti-racism through continuous learning, organization-level introspection, and action.

The Net Impact Black Professionals Chapter (NIBPC)

The Net Impact Black Professionals Chapter was established in September 2020, founded on the desire to create opportunities and a dedicated space for Black professionals who are keen on building a more sustainable world within our communities.

The Black Professionals Chapter aims to drive change by fostering a supportive community of like-minded individuals in alignment with our organization's wider mission and values. The NIBPC delivers events and programs to support its members, including those who aim to leverage business as an avenue for environmental and social impact. Moreover, striving to promote equity, the NIBPC will help to nurture relationships and inspire measurable actions toward building anti-racism organizations. 

NIBPC: Mission and Objectives

At its very core, NIBPC aims to cultivate a like-minded community for Black professionals whose passion is to create sustainable social impact, which they can achieve through the NIBPC through a myriad of events and programs. Through these, NIBPC strives to harness the power of business as a force for environmental and social good, while also promoting equity across all facets of Net Impact, including supporting Net Impact as a main organization, its partners, and members.

The Mission

Within Net Impact, NIBPC aims to create a supportive community for Black professionals. In essence, NIBPC is designed to be a welcoming space where Black professionals can connect, collaborate, and inspire each other to drive positive change in their respective career fields.


  • Fostering Community: NIBPC is dedicated to building a community of like-minded Black professionals who share a commitment to sustainability and social impact through networking events, workshops, and other activities, thereby facilitating connections and building relationships among its members.
  • Promoting Impactful Action: A primary objective of the NIPC is to encourage its members to take meaningful action toward creating positive change in their communities and industries. Taking actionable steps may include participating in sustainability initiatives, advocating for social justice, or leading diversity and inclusion efforts within an organization.
  • Advancing Equity: NIBPC is dedicated to promoting equity within the sustainability and social impact sectors. In this way, the program aims to address systemic barriers faced by Black professionals to ensure that their voices are heard and valued in discussions and decision-making processes related to sustainability and social change.
  • Supporting Net Impact's Mission: As a part of Net Impact, the NIBPC aligns its objectives with the broader mission of the organization. It aims to collaborate with Net Impact Central, its partners, and other divisions to amplify the impact of the NIBPC's initiatives, thus increasing the output of collective efforts towards creating a more sustainable and equitable world. 

Altogether, the NIBPC strives to empower Black professionals to leverage their skills and expertise to drive positive change equally within their communities and globally. 

Stewardship of HBCU Community

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) are higher education institutions that were established, within the United States, to primarily serve the African American community. HBCUs are diverse in their missions, but they are bound by the shared common goal of providing access to higher education for Black students, as well as fostering a supportive environment where Black students can thrive academically, socially, and culturally. 

The Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) community is a growing part of Net Impact and one the NIBPC oversees and takes pride in. By fostering relationships and inspiring action, the NIBPC collectively aims to make Net Impact and wider entities holistically anti-racist and, therefore, ensure that all voices are heard and valued equally. 

Final Remarks

The journey towards sustainable change and social equity requires collective effort and unwavering commitment. By joining forces with organizations like us at Net Impact and becoming part of the Black Professionals Chapter, individuals can amplify their voices and take the first step towards tangible change in their communities and beyond.

If you're a Black professional dedicated to driving meaningful change in sustainability and social justice, we invite you to join the NIBPC. Stay tuned for upcoming programs, events, and initiatives that promise to inspire and empower you on your journey toward creating a more equitable and sustainable world. Together, let's strive to build a future where equity and sustainability are not just ideas, but lived realities for all.