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Career Networking and Connection Building in a Regenerative Economy

Career Networking and Connection Building in a Regenerative Economy



For over 29 years, Net Impact has established a global grassroots network of inspired individuals who are helping to redefine capitalism as we have come to know it. And in the end, the goal is to build a more just and sustainable world. Read on to learn where you should focus your career on contributing to the regenerative economy.

Meaningful professional connections

The ability to make intelligent, professional connections can prove to be one of the most valuable skill sets in your career development. Building a solid professional network will help you:

1.          Find career opportunities you are passionate about, which will spark innovation in the workplace.

2.          Provide the opportunity for mutual and beneficial mentorships.

3.          Make you more versatile in the workplace.

4.          Develop you as a professional through connections that teach and inspire you.

5.          Increase your opportunities for faster promotion at your company.

Another way of building new professional connections is to do your research and find conferences and events you can attend. For example, you may be interested in sustainable energy or impact investing. Where can you meet people who will empower you to use your skills in one of these fields? And don't forget to learn all you can on social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter. They often provide connections that you may not find anywhere else. Building relationships is vital to your professional growth.

Five key tips for career networking

Career networking can be a bit daunting for some, but never forget the end game. Your pursuit of an impact career path can make a difference and, at the same time, help you meet people who could help you achieve your personal goals. Try these tips:

1.          Include the right people. This can be anyone who can assist you, such as former bosses, friends, co-workers and those you have met through conferences, events or online networking services.

2.          Know what your career network can do for you. Over 80% of those seeking that "perfect" job say their personal professional networks have been instrumental in helping them get a foot in the door.

3.          Keep in touch and work your network. Always maintain ongoing relationships and contact with your professional network. Don't just reach out when you need something. Stay in contact as it is a courteous thing to do.

4.          Give something back to your career network. It's a two-way street with your professional network. It's about not only what they can do for you, but also what you can do for them.

5.          Keep track of your network. Once you begin building your professional network, make sure to document the information so it's always there when you need it.

How Net Impact can help

There are numerous resources out there, including the Net Impact job board, to aid in your development of professional connections as you embark on your social impact and sustainability career path. Also, read these blog posts for other helpful tips:

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Learn More

Net Impact is a global community of emerging leaders who aspire to be effective drivers of economic, social and environmental change. With over 130,000 members worldwide, Net Impact equips its network to build a more just and sustainable world by engaging with social and environmental challenges to accelerate innovation and orient business toward the greater good. To learn more about how you can begin your career in social impact, visit Net Impact's Careers page.