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How can businesses address food security and sustainability in our communities?

How can businesses address food security and sustainability in our communities?


This fall, Net Impact has partnered with The Soulfull Project, a mission-driven subsidiary of the Campbell Soup Company, to talk about food security, the role of businesses in tackling local community issues, and the nuts and bolts of starting a social enterprise within a large corporation. 

The project, titled the Soulfull Speaker Series, was launched to make high-quality, nutritious food more accessible and increase community engagement. For every serving of The Soulfull Project’s hot cereal purchased, a serving of their multi-Grain cereal is donated to a food bank in that region. This makes it easy for everyone to have a positive impact on the lives of their neighbors. 

If you’re curious about sustainable agriculture, supply chains, food waste, and urban farming, the 2017 Net Impact Conference is the place to be. From workshops and panels to speakers and excursions, we’re ready to tackle food security and sustainability!

Here’s some of what you can expect:

Themed Panels

  • Chart your own path. Entrepreneurs and the mission-driven companies they create are changing the world. Whether building the next clothing brand or scaling a food company, mission-driven entrepreneurs are getting noticed by consumers, investors, and other companies. Come hear what it really takes to build a social venture and maybe even be inspired to start your own with Seth Goldman, Megan Shea, and Jennifer Walske at the Startups & Tech Panel on Friday, October 27th.
  • Experience live discussions on our most pressing food issues and innovative approaches to solve them. Here’s one of our upcoming panels, Sustainable Agriculture for the 21st Century. Hear from leaders at the forefront of the discussion on the need to provide for the growing global population despite shrinking natural resources. They will share where we stand today, and what to expect in the future. What is working in agriculture today, and what needs to change and evolve to keep up with demand while protecting the Earth's resources.

Interactive Workshops

  • Gain skills and connections through our workshops that are themed around food. Check out this workshop, A Systems Approach to Building Food Systems for the Future. In this interactive workshop, you will get to test your assumptions about our food systems. Engage directly with farmers, engineers, and scientists who are grappling with big questions about sustainability and immerse yourself in their day to day.

Urban Farming Excursions

  • Embark on a tour at a local urban farm and learn about interrelated aspects of natural farming, Transforming Communities through Urban Farming Food. At Atlanta's urban farm, Truly Living Well, you'll learn how urban agriculture can reduce food insecurity, as well as build healthy communities and economies. You'll see fruits and vegetables in different stages of growth and maybe even get some dirt under your fingernails!

Register for the 2017 Net Impact Conference to join the conversation on how businesses are addressing food security and sustainability in our communities and what more can be done.