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Net Impact Chapter Presidents Engage Campus and Create Impact through Up to Us

Net Impact Chapter Presidents Engage Campus and Create Impact through Up to Us

CTC Up to Us Team

The Net Impact Chapter at Central Texas College has participated in the Up to Us Campus Competition for several years now. Through Up to Us’ curriculum on campaign building, leadership development, team building, and digital advocacy, the chapter has launched highly successful public engagement campaigns year after year. From placing in the Top 20 Teams in the 2020-2021 Campus Competition and in the Top 5 Teams in the Fall of 2022, the chapter continues to expand its skillset while making an impact in its community. 

Now in its 12th year, the Up to Us Campus Competition is a Net Impact Program that provides young civic leaders with the resources and training needed to advocate for a more prosperous and sustainable fiscal future. With the national debt surpassing $32 trillion, teams of students nationwide build campaigns that raise awareness about the national debt and its impact on their generation. Team Leaders receive ongoing training throughout the semester, as well as a funded, in-person workshop in Washington, D.C. Participants compete to win the $10,000 grand prize and a funded, in-person Clinton Global Initiative University experience, all while gaining access to apply for exclusive internship funding and scholarships for Harvard Business School Online courses.

Danyell Sletten, former president of the Central Texas College Net Impact Chapter, learned about the importance of fiscal policy and engaging with elected officials: “The majority of us as students or even as adults do not realize how important fiscal policy is. If more people knew how it affects our economy and in turn affects our personal lives, we would stand up and vote. Our policymakers need to know what the people want and through Up to Us, we work together to make that a reality.” Danyell also highlighted the benefits of participating in the program, “I loved being a part of this movement and its great opportunities. I got to travel to Oakland, CA and Nashville, TN, and was able to meet fellow people who care about our fiscal and economic policies.”

Danyell also built a legacy on campus through the Up to Us Competition. She emphasized that “the Up to Us competition benefitted the chapter as a whole by not only spreading awareness to the campus but also providing the chapter with insight into policy and why our national debt is so important.” Christina Strohfus was a team member on Danyell’s campaign and is now the current Net Impact Chapter President. While studying nursing, business, and office administration, Christina has learned how connected fiscal policy is with her future goals. 

“Fiscal and monetary policy affect the economy, which is where I make my money providing services to the public sector. Through Up to Us, I am aware of the different types of fiscal policy, like expansionary and contractionary, and how each has different effects on my money,” said Christina. “I know that I will benefit from the knowledge that I have gained from the Up to Us campaign, and I know I have the tools to become very successful in life and profitable in business."

Christina also appreciates the Up to Us experience for how it has helped the chapter as a whole. “The chapter has been recognized by the Deans and Chancellor of Central Texas College for its work on campus and in the community for feats done during the Up to Us campaign, and with this recognition, our chapter is able to reach further across the county, not just the city, with its Up to Us campaign.” She expanded to note: “More members are attracted to our chapter, and retained as alumni, because of the work done with the program. We as a chapter can see the true effects of our actions, and link them directly to what we have accomplished because of working with Up to Us.”

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Chapter leaders can submit an application for the Fall 2023 Campus Competition here. Students who are located in the United States and enrolled in a college or university there are welcome to apply. Teams can range in size from two to an entire Net Impact chapter. Reach out to if you have any questions.

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