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Reimagining Capitalism: Visualizing the World We Want

Reimagining Capitalism: Visualizing the World We Want


Net Impact is excited to announce a new digital event series around Reimagining Capitalism. Our ambition is to make this more about the journey than a ‘distribution of disparate content.’ Over the next few months, we’re taking on this critical theme. We’ll explore the topic through a variety of formats, bringing in a range of voices to engage with our global community. Join us!

Why It Matters

Historically, capitalism, as an economic system, has stoked ambition, driven business formation, jobs, wealth, education, reduced hunger, better healthcare, housing, prospects and contentment. Yet many people have been, and continue to be excluded, marginalized or exploited as part of these broader improvements.

The world is saddled by persistent challenges, problems that no one feels particularly and directly accountable for, yet are roadblocks to the furtherance of a just and sustainable planet. As the core of Net Impact’s mission, we want to address this head-on.

This is beginning to change as a generation of business owners and operators, students and educators, employees, community, consumers, even some legislators, are beginning to question the longer-term harm that may be a consequence of the objective to maximize profits today, with little regard for people and planet or the future. The flaws in capitalism may be reparable, and perhaps evolve to be a better, more equitable version.

The consequence of these common beliefs across varied stakeholders suggests we are at the outset of the system design change of capitalism - when big changes are possible and on the horizon. This requires that we must Reimagine Capitalism, conceiving of a version of the system that can drive better, more inclusive outcomes for shareholders, employees, consumers, suppliers, communities and the planet. We can manage for a double bottom line (or even a triple one!). We can do well and do good. 

What We’re Doing

Net Impact is proud to participate in Reimagining Capitalism via the curation and hosting of a series of conversations, workshops and events bringing together world-class leaders, thinkers, iconoclasts, companies, asset owners and our broader impact-focused community. 

First up is a conversation that can frame the topic and pose solutions too - a discussion with Rebecca Henderson, Professor of Harvard Business School and author of the just-released “Reimagining Capitalism in a World on Fire”, in conversation with PBS News Anchor, Paul Solman scheduled for July 9, 2020, 10:00am PST. 

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Stay tuned for more in this series as we all work together to build a more just and sustainable world.

If not us, who? If not now, when?