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Health (cont.)

Meet the Players

Who's addressing health issues, and how?

Nonprofits and foundations

Organizations like One World Health and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation develop and deliver funding and interventions to low-resourced communities. For more information, check out our Nonprofit Management and Philanthropy overviews.


    Corporations like Johnson & Johnson create new products and medications for health and wellness domestically and abroad. Pharmaceutical companies like Merck focus on making drugs affordable in developing countries. Large behind-the-scenes companies like McKesson play a vital role in making our healthcare system more efficient.


    Institutions such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) monitor health data and inform constituents to protect health.

      Specialized agencies

      Agencies like the World Health Organization (WHO) lead health initiatives within larger organizations (such as the United Nations, in the case of the WHO).

      All of these organizations address health issues using different approaches. Examples of the different angles available in the health field include:

      • Research and Development: Discovering answers to questions such as, “What are the most pressing health issues?” “How do we cure, prevent, and monitor them?”
      • Clinical Field Work: Developing, implementing, and assessing a health program in a local community or abroad.
      • Statistics and Monitoring: Gathering and analyzing data from populations across the globe.
      • Administration and Funding: Providing operational and financial support for treatments and organizations.
      • Policy and Advocacy: Developing and promoting policies to improve the health of a community.
      • Health Education: Spreading awareness and influencing behaviors to improve health issues.
      • Health Equity: Closing the gap in health disparities.

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      Get Started

      With roles ranging from pricing new drugs to conducting field work in developing countries, there isn’t a defined path into a career in health. Start by identifying the issues within the field that you’re most passionate about, then look for organizations working in that area.

      • Volunteer: Get as close to the area you want to specialize in and volunteer to get a taste of the field. Public health offices are a great place to do field work, data analysis, administration, etc.
      • Fellowships and Internships: There are specialized fellowships for every stage in your career. These opportunities give you the chance to roll up your sleeves and gain direct service experience.
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