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About us

To foster and witness a community of servant and transformational leaders that can advance social innovation, environment consciousness and leverage on the potential of business and social entrepreneurship to sustain the world.


Respect Rungano Musiyiwa
Chapter President
Forget Shareka
Precious Nemutenzi
Projects Leader
Jane Kapenda
Finance Leader


1. Youth Agri-talks.
Advocacy programme aimed at encouraging the active participation and involvement of young people in agriculture and environment issues.
2. Volunteer Programme
Engaging in volunteer work off campus in neighboring needy communities focusing on agriculture, rural development and environmental
3. Mentorship.
Linking members with mentors for professional development.awareness.
4. Social Innovation Forum.
Coordinate a series of workshops for chapter members where they will be equipped with necessary skills to develop sustainable,
environmentally conscious and social businesses they can implement in their home country.
5. Net impact Central Programmes.
Take an active part in central office programmes that include;
a) Fellowships.
b) Food Solutions Challenge.
c) Net Impact Pitch Competition.
d) Net Impact Conference.
e) Net Impact Webinars.