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Net Impact Chapter

Welcome to the Stony Brook Chapter of Net Impact. Our chapter aims to positively contribute to the Net Impact community by enabling our emerging leaders with the tools to develop a more sustainable and just world.

About us

The Stony Brook University chapter of Net Impact is operated by the University’s Center for Civic Justice. The Center for Civic Justice provides services, support and coordination for programs and opportunities that cultivate, develop and empower active and engaged Seawolves to positively contribute to the betterment of their communities through awareness, advocacy and action. Collaboratively, the Center for Civic Justice will be recognized as a primary facilitator of efforts that seek to improve the human condition at Stony Brook University and the wider global community. To do so, the Center for Civic Justice will accomplish three primary goals.

  1. Cultivate individuals who have the potential to be active and engaged in the issues affecting their communities;
  2. Develop them to possess the tools and skills necessary to appropriately engage others in these issues; and
  3. Empower them to take appropriate individual and collective actions to create a more civically just society.


Community Dialogues

Community Dialogues are a staple event hosted by the Center for Civic Justice where students can engage in large-scale discussion on specialized civic topics such as access to healthcare, the right to vote, digital activism, and more. Each semester, the Project Group organizing the Community Dialogue creates a Background Guide providing an overview of the discussion topics along with guiding questions to aid in discussions.

Up to Us: 

The Up to Us campus competition was begun by the non-profit organizaation Up to Us  in order to have colleges and universities across the country develop and engage in impactful, creative campaigns that highlight the importance of addressing the national debt and other fiscal issues for America's future generations. In 2022, the project team led by Julia Brandenstein placed first in the national competition for the campign they launched on Stony Brook's campus. Julia's project group developed a podcast series with elected officials and community members to discuss the importance of fiscal sustainability, and hosted an interview with New York Senate Representative Chuck Schumer. The Stony Brook Chapter of Net Impact continues to be an active participant within the competition in order to further educate and inform our campus community on the importance of fiscal responsibility.

Institutionalized Voter Registration:

Our Commitment to Democracy is a comprehensive action plan about efforts throughout the Stony Brook University community to cultivate, develop, and empower our students to make educated and informed decisions in upcoming elections and to successfully cast their ballots. Our action plan is developed by the University's 2020 Presidential Election Planning and Coordination Committee that includes representation from throughout the campus community: students, faculty, staff, senior administrators, community partners, and members of our surrounding communities as necessary and appropriate.

  • Successfully registered over 25,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students to vote
  • Increased voter turnout among all students by 23% from 2012 to 2016 in Presidential Elections
  • Increased voter turnout among all students by 289% from 2014 to 2018 in Midterm Elections
  • Achieved a voter turnout rate of 86% at its on-campus polling site in 2016, which was the highest of any polling site in the nation for the Presidential Election
  • Institutionalized voter registration to ensure that all students can register to vote before their first day of classes