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Associate Consultant

About Common Impact
Common Impact is a nationally-recognized nonprofit that works to build a society in which
individuals and businesses invest their unique talents towards a shared purpose:
strengthening the local communities in which we live and work. We connect corporate
employees to nonprofit organizations to tackle the greatest challenges our communities

We break down barriers that exist between sectors and industries to create meaningful
partnerships between companies, social sector organizations, and the people that drive
them. The common purpose of these connections: to deliver real value to each partner
through innovations in community engagement and, ultimately, to address deeply rooted
and complex social challenges.

With a deep understanding of both mission-focused and business goals, Common Impact
enables growing nonprofits to achieve even greater results in our communities, while
simultaneously engaging corporate employees in dynamic and challenging opportunities
that develop their skills and unlock successful, purpose-driven careers.
Founded in 2000, Common Impact has partnered with Fortune 500 companies and
hundreds of the country’s leading nonprofit organizations to create this transformational
change. Learn more about our services and impact, the companies we work with, and
our nonprofit partners.


Over the past twenty years, Common Impact has built a leading model to connect talented
professionals from global companies to high-potential local nonprofits through skills-based
volunteerism. As corporate engagement and investment in social challenges deepens,
Common Impact is expanding and evolving to meet the new demands of the Corporate
Social Responsibility space. In 2018, Common Impact embarked on a three-year strategic
plan to vastly increase the scope of its impact through targeted partnerships, the
development of a comprehensive train-the-trainer platform, and the identification and
execution of critical social sector projects where corporate talent can play a
transformational role.

The Associate Consultant role is an excellent opportunity for a professional 2-3 years into their
career to join a high-performing cross-sector consulting team. The Associate Consultant will
support cross-sector engagements working with corporate volunteers and nonprofit
professionals. This position offers a unique opportunity for a talented, early-career professional
to contribute to the growth of an innovative and entrepreneurial nonprofit as it expands a proven
model of social impact responding to the current environment. The successful candidate must
possess excellent organizational, verbal, and written communication skills; keen attention to
detail and experience in project management; comfort facilitating partnerships across sectors;
and a passion for social sector work. This is a full-time opportunity based in New York.

Key Responsibilities

As an Associate Consultant, you will be responsible for:

• Identifying high-performing nonprofits and scoping projects. The Associate
Consultant plays a critical role in our nonprofit client selection process. You will conduct
outreach to qualified nonprofits, hold interviews to assess for two-way fit between the
nonprofit and corporate opportunity, and help potential partners to understand what
projects would be of greatest benefit by summarizing the needs heard and providing
recommendations about how the organization could address its challenges through skills-based
volunteering. While you are not expected to be an expert in any one area, you
should be able to speak across disciplines (Strategy, Technology, Marketing, Human
Resources, Operations and Finance) to ensure projects will yield meaningful outcomes for
our nonprofit clients and align well with the skills of corporate volunteers.

• Managing cross-sector engagements: Common Impact designs many different types of
programs that bring together nonprofit professionals and teams of corporate associates.
Some popular models include four-month team consulting projects, days of “flash
consulting,” and one-on-one mentoring between a senior nonprofit leader and corporate
executive. The Associate Consultant will be the chief point of contact for certain nonprofits
and corporate volunteer teams and, in this capacity, will provide training and best practices
to both parties, support work planning and project execution, and gather feedback at the
end of each project.

• Assisting the Common Impact team to build out our services. As Common Impact
continues to grow—serving more nonprofits, more companies, and more geographies—you
will be joining a fast-moving, dynamic organization that is eager to develop, refine, and
expand our services. The ability to adapt and nimbly support expanding or new programs
will be critical. Associate Consultants may have the opportunity to be involved with
programming focused on racial equity and digital inclusion.

• Living Common Impact’s values and enhancing organizational culture: At Common
Impact, we strongly believe that the spirit in which we do our work is as important as the
work itself. We pride ourselves on excellence, innovation, fostering collaboration between
groups that might not otherwise interact, and a willingness to have fun with our work. A
successful candidate for this position will embody and protect our organizational values of
service, unlikely partnerships, ingenuity, and levity.

Compensation and Benefits

The salary range for this position is $45,000 - $60,000 annually and commensurate with
experience. Common Impact offers competitive benefits, including 3 weeks of vacation, 10
holidays, the final week of the year off, and 12 sick days; a 401k plan and 2% match; paid
parental leave; and medical and dental coverage.

Required Skills

Our ideal candidate will be:

• A strong verbal and written communicator. The Associate Consultant is a client-facing
role and you will be the Common Impact staff person that many of our constituents know
best. As a result, we are looking for a person with strong communication and presentation
skills who consistently makes a polished, positive impression on clients.

• An energetic leader who elicits the respect and trust of staff and external partners. In
this position, you’ll get to work with everyone from an Executive Director at a two-person
nonprofit to a representative of a Fortune 500 company. We are looking for an up-and-coming
professional with an innate sense of how to form strong relationships with diverse
parties, speak across sectors, and drive meetings to success.

• A self-starting, independent worker who can juggle a wide range of simultaneous
projects. Associate Consultants can manage as many as 30 projects in a year, with other
tasks on their plates as well. We’re looking for a successful project manager who is
organized, flexible, efficient, willing and eager to take on a variety of tasks, able to keep
track of many details, and capable of handling projects with competing priorities.

• Ability to feel comfortable discussing topics in a variety of service areas, including
technology, marketing, operations, finance, and human resources. We don’t expect
you to be an expert in all of these areas, but you should be interested to learn more and you
should be able to carry on basic conversations with volunteers who are experts in these

• An excellent problem solver and critical thinker. You will often be called upon to
synthesize information, ask insightful questions, and spot trends quickly.

• Facility with working effectively and collaborating virtually with team members and
clients who are based in other locations.

• Commitment to working with diverse communities.

• Enthusiasm for Common Impact’s mission and an interest in advancing in a career at
our organization.

How to Apply

Common Impact is an equal opportunity employer committed to building a diverse
community. Common Impact strongly encourages people of color and women to apply.
This position is based in Common Impact’s NYC office (although the entire Common Impact
staff is currently working from home through the end of 2021). To apply for this position, please
submit your resume, cover letter, and salary requirements to, with
“Associate Consultant” in the subject line.

Your cover letter should address the following:
1. What excites you about this position and Common Impact?
2. Please describe an experience you have had in working with multiple managers, your
process for ensuring smooth communications and the outcome of the experience.
3. What do you imagine are the significant differences in the nonprofit and corporate sectors
and how would you go about managing these differences as an Associate Consultant?

Brooklyn, NY 11202
United States

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