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Chief Financial Officer

Touch Foundation, Inc.

Touch Foundation, an NGO working to save lives and relieve human suffering by strengtheningchealthcare services in sub-Saharan Africa, providing better access to care and improving the quality of local health systems, is seeking an outstanding financial leader to join its senior leadership team as Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The CFO will join a team of highly mission-driven professionals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, ranging from management consulting to clinical medicine. The CFO will work closely with team members across all levels and functions, becoming an integral part of Touch’s commitment to improving health in sub-Saharan Africa.

Touch Foundation is a nonprofit organization founded in 2004 to help strengthen healthcare systems in Sub-Saharan Africa. Touch was founded by Lowell Bryan, a former Director (i.e., Senior Partner) with McKinsey & Co. who understood that Tanzania faced a daunting healthcare environment, with declining life expectancy and increasing maternal and infant mortality. After working to address the dearth of health care workers in Tanzania (one of the biggest impediments to access to healthcare) through the successful creation of a large medical school in the Lake Zone of Tanzania, Touch began focusing on other of the most pressing global health challenges.
Touch applies a three-phase strategic approach to bring cost-effective and sustainable solutions to these challenges. In collaboration with funders, local partners and governments, Touch designs programs and implements them at a small scale in the Lake Zone of Tanzania to test their potential impact. Successful solutions are then scaled up to a national level, setting the stage to ultimately adapt and replicate them in other countries facing similar challenges to achieve broader impact.

Touch’s current programmatic priorities include both its program to ensure access to emergency transport and high-quality care for obstetric and neonatal emergencies, leading to a reduction in maternal and infant mortality, and the use of its innovative and data-driven solution to optimize planning and decision-making around production, deployment and retention of scarce health workers. Given the private sector background of its Board members and several members of its staff, Touch is also focused on developing market-based solutions for portions of the private sector in health to complement the role of the public health system in providing broader access to care to their population. To date, Touch has successfully implemented programs in Tanzania, Lesotho, Nigeria, Mozambique and South Africa.

Touch’s work is data driven and evidence based. Its goal is to prove impact in Tanzania and scale to other African Countries. Ultimately, Touch intends that its programmatic work be used as a blueprint for expanding and improving healthcare services across Sub-Saharan Africa. Touch shares the knowledge and the information obtained through its work with policy makers and other stakeholders.
Touch’s budget is in the $6 million range and its funding comes from a variety of sources, including a cooperative agreement with USAID. Most of its people work overseas in Africa and other countries with the administrative and development functions centered in New York City. The people who work at Touch are very smart, focused, collaborative and driven to excel which has contributed to the impact that Touch has made.

The Chief Financial Officer must be a collaborative leader with a track record of managing all aspects of finance, including financial planning, financial operations, financial reporting, budgeting, audits, risk management, contracting, and accounting, as well as legal services, and all aspect of Touch’s human resources functions. The CFO will have at least 10 years of experience in the role.
Reporting directly to the Executive Director, and as a key member of the senior leadership team, the CFO must be a detail-oriented professional who can manage the business needs of the organization, work closely with the human resources professionals, and collaborate constructively with program and other directors. The CFO will also have a direct relationship with Touch’s President and the Board Finance, Legal and Audit (FLA) Committee.
It is critical that the CFO be capable of integrating smoothly into the senior management, fitting into the organization’s culture. The CFO will provide counsel and support to the President, the Executive Director, and the Board of Directors on all financial matters, as well as work on various strategic initiatives. The CFO will work with the executive, program, human resources, operations, and finance staff in a supportive and direct manner with a minimum of ego. The CFO will have strong interpersonal skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, a hands-on management style, as well as the ability to address and solve problems or issues as they arise. In addition, it is expected that the CFO will be diplomatic, will operate with the highest integrity, have high emotional intelligence, and will possess sound judgment.

Specific Responsibilities

• Partner with the Executive Director, the Board’s Finance, Legal and Audit (FLA) Committee, and organizational leadership in taking Touch Foundation's finance and operations to the next level
• Manage and serve on the FLA Committee
• Serve as a member of the organization’s leadership team, participating in the development, revision and implementation of policies, long-range planning, and daily operational activities.
• Develop strong and collaborative working relationships with other members of senior leadership to best understand Touch's mission and programs, ensuring finance and operations activities are well coordinated with and supportive of organizational priorities
• Provide leadership across the organization in all facets of finance and key organizational priorities

Finance, HR and operations
• Manage the agency’s overall budget and finances. Develop and coordinate the organization’s budgeting process and timetable, working with the executive team and the Board to develop annual financial goals for the organization.
• Administer fiscal systems that reflect operating activities, align with internal budgets and reflect compliance with grant and grant spending stipulations, in particular with USAID contracts.
• Oversee the human resources function. Ensure that employees in the US and in the countries in which Touch works are appropriately onboarded and that Touch’s human resources function is in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations in each of the countries where Touch has a presence.
• Develop and coordinate short and long-range business and financial plans.
• Formulate, recommend, and implement sound fiscal policies, procedures and controls, including internal control compliance. Develop and implement controls, systems and procedures for effective operations and timely monitoring and reporting.
• Manage and oversee accounting team in their execution of all accounting functions, including general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, bank reconciliations and monthly closings.
• Oversee banking, including managing bank accounts and planning and monitoring of cash flow.
• Prepare regular financial reports that illustrate budget versus actual spending at the organizational level and for specific programs, both for internal purposes (including the Board) as well as for external funders.
• Facilitate annual financial audit and tax filings, draft financial statements and serve as liaison to external auditors.
• Oversee staff responsible for IT and for individual giving and communications.
• Work closely with contractors and vendors.

Key Experience Includes:
• Bachelor’s Degree in accounting, finance or a related discipline; MBA and/or CPA strongly preferred.
• Minimum of 10 years’ financial management leadership experience with increasing levels of responsibility.
• Experience with financial responsibility for a complex international nonprofit organization preferred.
• Familiarity with government grants with a particular understanding of USAID requirements preferred. Experience with private foundation grants a plus.
• Significant experience in overseeing human resources, with excellent judgement in handling all matters related to employee well-being.

Required skills:
• Strong analytical, organizational and problem-solving skills
• Excellent written and oral communication skills and attention to detail.
• Proven high standards of performance, eager to pursue aggressive goals, and works hard and smart to achieve them. Must be persistent, decisive, resourceful, proactive, and results oriented.
• Fully grasps programmatic activities and can convey information to people with varying levels of financial expertise.
• Capable of managing difficult situations with tact and diplomacy.
• Ability to work well in teams, as well as independently
• A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, and solid relationship-building skills and cross-cultural sensitivity. Must be able to collaborate and build consensus internally and externally.
• Proficient with spreadsheets, analytical tools and financial and administrative software.
• Commitment to transparency and unwavering in always pursing the ethical approach.
• Commitment to mission.
Touch Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, color, sex, age, gender identification, sexual orientation, veteran status, or disability. All qualified applications will be given equal opportunity and selection decisions will be based solely on job-related factors. Compensation is competitive and will be commensurate with experience.
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To Apply:
Touch Foundation has retained the services of Harris Rand Lusk to conduct this search. Inquiries, nominations, and applications may be directed in confidence to:
Anne McCarthy, COO
Harris Rand Lusk
260 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10016

Please put “Touch CFO” in the subject line of your e-mailed application.

New York, NY 10005
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