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Director of Development

Gratitude Network

The Gratitude Network: The Gratitude Network is a non-profit leadership development organization that seeks the world’s most dynamic, innovative leaders and organizations impacting the lives of children and youth in the areas of Education, Health and Well-Being, and Children’s Rights. The company helps address global issues affecting the lives of the impoverished and underprivileged at a local level, closing the gap. Visionary social entrepreneurs are identified and provided capacity-building resources to grow their organizations to impact 5-10 times more children and youth, in a scalable and sustainable way. Out of thousands of applicants annually, 30-40 are chosen to participate in a year-long Leadership program of intense 1:1 coaching and strategic guidance, focusing on scaling and sustainability. To date, we have worked with 140+ Leaders in >60 countries. Built from the ground up, the success of The Gratitude Network programs relies on its deeply engaged network of donors, supporters, coaches, expert advisors, board members, and corporate philanthropy programs which make a long-term sustainable impact.


Position Overview:   The Director of Development will be responsible for the income growth of The Gratitude Network and will report to the Executive Director.  S/he will drive both short-term (annual) revenue generation as well as longer-term “mission-driven” stakeholder management.   The Director will work with the Board, the team, and other members of Gratitude’s “network” to create annual income for Gratitude from corporate, foundation, and family supporters, and will evolve an optimum business model for reaching these constituents.  


This role also includes the oversight of marketing resources and tools (agency or internal) that will support the development function (drive a pipeline of leads and interest) – such oversight may include digital assets, content, website, social media, databases (such as the CRM) and technology integration.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead generation: Develop a viable pipeline of leads (family, corporate, and foundation), maintain and track leads through Gratitude’s CRM system (Hubspot), and create a system for daily and weekly follow-through as leads move through the pipeline.
  • Family Relationships: Develop programs that encourage participation by new potential family donors (“Ambassadors”) and leverage existing relationships with Ambassadors and Board to expand the network for potential leads.  Make appointments with new families to present Gratitude.  Use marketing tools to reach out to new families for pipeline and encourage initial presentations about Gratitude.
  • Foundation & Corporate Relationships: Develop a model for engaging corporate and foundation partners, develop a pipeline of corporate and foundation leads, cultivate new relationships, set up meetings, introduce Executive Director, and track candidates through the sales pipeline.  Develop programs that encourage participation by new potential family donors (“Ambassadors”).  Use marketing tools to reach out to corporations; seek out online and in-person events to meet new contacts.
  • Marketing: Create marketing materials and presentations as needed;  partner with outside agencies and creative resources for more sophisticated donor engagement campaigns.
  • Donor Engagement & Event Management: Create ongoing communications and events to engage donors who are already supporting Gratitude, online and in-person events for donor engagement and to drive new potential donors, as needed.


  • Technology Oversight:  Oversee the Gratitude team’s use of HubSpot (our CRM system), Hopsie, and Square (our e-commerce platforms), and Eventbrite (event platform), and oversee database integration and cleansing, forms management, and other marketing-related systems to ensure maximum ROI and data integrity.
  • Data Analytics and Reporting: Develop and report on key metrics related to campaign performance, social media, website growth, and conversion utilizing tools such as Google Analytics, SEO, and conversion.


Skills and Qualifications: This individual will be able to quickly grasp our mission, brand, and purpose and design communications to grow our community of global leaders, donors, and followers.   Ideal skills and background:

  • People orientation and outgoing personality allows for the creation of many positive relationships with current and potential donors
  • Acumen and experience with charity fundraising and non-profit models  
  • Ability to “ask for the order” (close business each year) and hit income targets
  • Ability to form long-term relationships of trust – to enhance donor cultivation over mid-term
  • Strong business writing and communication skills
  • Experience in managing the marketing function
  • Proficiency in technology:  WordPress, HubSpot (CRM entry and reporting)


Personality Elements Ideal for the Role: The individual will fit into the role and culture with these traits:

  • Natural presenter with communication skills – upbeat personable, ability to attract new prospects to connect; strong communications skills on the phone, Zoom, email, and social media
  • Persuasion/Credibility – has enough “executive presence” (or enticing personality) to speak with high net worth individuals, corporate leaders, and CEOs; friendliness is an important factor.
  • Initiative – put processes in place to regularly communicate with pipeline prospects
  • Fast Learner – ability to make an impact at Gratitude by the 3rd month on the team
  • Team Player - enjoys connection and interaction with other team members; always ready and willing to assist (even when helping out is a bit outside the stated “role”)
  • Innovator’s Mindset – initiate creative programs and outreach to target and engage C-level decision-makers  
  • Entrepreneurial & Independent- – flexible to move with changes that may occur in the organization – always willing to pitch in where required
  • Driven by impact & transformation of others – interest or excitement for Gratitude Network’s mission is (social impact entrepreneurs & improving the lives of children/youth)




To apply: please submit a cover letter and resume to:


Gratititude Network
349 Main Street
Suite 201
Pleasanton, CA 94566
United States

Senior or Executive level
Social Sector