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Vice President for Programs

FUSE Corps

LOCATION: FUSE Corps is currently a fully virtual organization and this position can be based remotely from anywhere in the United States.


FUSE Corps is a national nonprofit working to free our country from the social and economic barriers to opportunities that have been perpetuated by a history of systemic and institutionalized racism. We pursue our vision by partnering with local governments and communities to place experienced professionals in local government agencies. These FUSE Executive Fellows lead strategic projects that are designed to accelerate progress and advance equity.

Our projects directly address issues such as workforce development, affordable housing, healthcare access, educational equity, justice reform, and climate resilience. Since 2012, FUSE has led over 250 projects across 37 cities and counties in 18 states, impacting the lives of more than 25 million people. We are dedicated to sharing the insights that emerge from our work to inspire all civic leaders to think and act differently in their efforts to achieve systemic change.

FUSE Executive Fellows are experienced, entrepreneurial, and results-oriented professionals who are representative of, and deeply connected to, the communities that they serve. Each individual fellow is selected through a dedicated executive search to ensure that they have the competencies needed to achieve the specific goals of their unique project over the course of at least one-year of full-time work as FUSE employees. Our staff, alumni, and content experts provide our executive fellows and their local partners with a wide range of training, coaching, networking, and other forms of professional support to ensure that they achieve their greatest potential for impact.

Through these projects, FUSE works to dispel longstanding mistrust and break down barriers between local governments and the people who they serve. We foster public-private partnerships and use human-centered design tools to directly engage community members in developing solutions and policies. We help facilitate sustained culture change within our host agencies, with a particular focus on data-driven and results-based practices. Ultimately, our efforts enable communities to work more effectively, collaboratively, and resiliently in response to both established and emerging challenges.

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FUSE is currently in the process of doubling the volume of our programmatic work in response to overwhelming needs within our partner regions, while also deepening our engagement with local communities to address the legacy of systemic and institutional racism. We will soon be concurrently managing up to 100 distinct fellowship projects across 15-20 regions throughout the country at any given point in time. At this pivotal moment in the organization’s growth and development, FUSE seeks an experienced leader to serve as Vice President for Programs. Reporting directly to the President & COO, the Vice President will lead program development and delivery for FUSE Executive Fellows and government partners, ensuring that program quality and impact continue to advance. The Vice President will also be responsible for FUSE’s evaluation function, which enables the entire organization to continually learn and improve its work. The Vice President will build on the tremendous momentum that FUSE has generated over the past several years and play a central role in taking this work to the next level in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, diversity, equity, inclusion, scale, impact, and sustainability.

Organizational Leadership

Serve as a key member of FUSE’s leadership team, which includes the: CEO, President & COO, Vice President for Strategic Partnerships & Development, and Vice President for Fellow Recruiting & Talent. Support strategic visioning, goal setting, planning, and budgeting on an annual and long-term basis. Work closely with the two other Vice Presidents to ensure collaboration among departments and cohesion across the organization.
Represent FUSE at events, conferences, and speaking opportunities. Actively participate in Board engagement, including preparing and delivering organizational updates. Support FUSE’s fundraising efforts by participating in calls with current and prospective funders to represent the programmatic aspects of our work. Engage with FUSE’s marketing and communications team to ensure the successful dissemination of stories about our impact.
Lead a team of 8-10 high-performing professionals, ensuring that organizational goals are met while also fostering the sustainability, wellness and professional development of all team members. Engage directly in the day-to-day work of the team, while also serving as a hands-on manager and mentor for all team members. Build the team and its capacity through additional hires and vendor contracting as budget permits.
Support FUSE’s continuing evolution as an anti-racist organization that infuses diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all internal, external, and programmatic aspects. Help ensure that the organization does everything necessary to achieve its full potential for mission impact and systemic change.

Design, implement, and continually improve executive-level learning and development opportunities for FUSE Executive Fellows and government partners – including evaluating, adapting and introducing new content and delivery approaches to provide fellows with the tools for performing their work with an equity and community-based approach. For FUSE Executive Fellows, these opportunities include a Fellow Orientation and Mid-Year Retreat (previously in-person but currently conducted on a virtual basis); virtual live sessions; workshops; and other development opportunities to maximize project impact and professional growth. The Vice President is responsible for setting the learning strategy and working closely with the Director of Fellowships to implement these opportunities and ensure FUSE continually captures lessons and insights about how to more effectively support fellows in the field and hosts to maximize their impact in communities.

For government partners, programming includes designing and delivering Host Orientation and onboarding; virtual live sessions; and other activities or engagements that build a peer-to-peer community of practice across governments and regions. This also includes evaluating potential local and national partnerships with the potential to add value to our programming. The Vice President will also help coordinate activities between the Program Team and the Strategic Partnerships Team to manage overlapping relationships with local government and community leaders in order to ensure clarity of roles within FUSE for these partners.

Ensure implementation and effectiveness of regular check-ins with fellows and government partners at regular intervals throughout the year in order to ensure that all projects stay on track to achieve their stated goals and/or adapt appropriately in response to changing local priorities. In partnership with other Program Team members and in coordination with the Strategic Partnerships Team, personally and directly engage with any fellow and/or host agency leader who is experiencing significant or unique challenges in the course of their project or in their experience with the program.

Identify and cultivate relationships with people who can serve as advisors to FUSE Executive Fellows, especially alumni, and ensure the FUSE network is active, accessible, and instrumental in the expansion of FUSE’s impact. This includes actively identifying and ensuring access to the skills and expertise in the FUSE community; building out tools and resources that enable the easy transmission of knowledge and experience; and evaluating the dynamism of the FUSE community in order to assess the impact of community-building activities.

Oversee the collection and articulation of content that exemplifies FUSE’s organizational and project-based impact within communities. This includes managing a system that continuously aggregates stories, anecdotes, quotes, data points, work products, policy developments, and other examples of the impact of our work; and ensuring that we effectively capture the voices and perspectives of specific individuals within host agencies and the communities who are impacted by our projects in order to disseminate this information to a broad audience.
Work with internal staff and independent evaluators to conduct formal evaluations of every aspect of programmatic operations on a regular basis. Assess areas of strength that we can continue to build and leverage for greater impact; instances where the program may not be operating as intended and is in need of corrective interventions; and opportunities for development, innovations, and pilots that may create new program aspects. Participate in bright-spot assessments to determine the factors that are driving our most successful projects.
The Vice President is responsible for continually evolving the cross-organizational evaluation function, and works closely with the Senior Director of Evaluation & Programs to identify and implement opportunities to do so.


Passion for and commitment to FUSE’s mission, a belief in the power of cross-sector collaboration and civic innovation to positively impact society’s biggest challenges, and a demonstrated commitment to advancing racial equity within communities.
15+ years of senior leadership experience in roles with direct responsibility for program design, implementation and evaluation. Experience working in or with local governments is highly preferred.
Highly-developed relationship-building skills and the ability to establish positive relationships with both internal and external stakeholders.
Strong communication skills, both verbal and written, with an understanding of how to adjust message for a variety of audiences and an ability to effectively facilitate conversations among multiple stakeholders.
Exceptional multi-tasking capabilities, organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to develop systems that concurrently track and assess hundreds of dynamic elements.
Highly strategic mindset, including the demonstrated ability to develop and execute plans for growth, with a proven track record of setting and achieving goals.
Demonstrated experience building and leading experienced teams, using a collaborative and respectful management style that focuses on teamwork and building a strong culture.

United States

Project/ Program Management
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