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2011 - Portland

2011 Net Impact Conference

Oct. 27-29, 2011 | Portland, OR

When profits align with the interests of society and the planet, everyone benefits. But the journey isn’t always easy. In fact, it often takes us in surprising directions. The 2011 Net Impact Conference spotlighted the many unexpected places people find where good works, as attendees joined us in Portland to explore:

  • Where creative problem solving and playful approaches lead to serious solutions
  • Where sustainable innovations are championed by those you least expect
  • Where unlikely partnerships accelerate change


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Press Coverage

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Nov. 2, 2011 | by Melanie Colburn | GreenBiz

Portland Conference Seeks to Spread Sustainable Business Ideas

Oct. 28, 2011 | by Tim Fernholz | GOOD

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Keynote Videos

Chip Conley, founder of Joie de Vivre Hotels and Head of Global Hospitality of Airbnb, spoke at our closing keynote, Change Starts with an Idea.

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