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5 Steps to Build an Impactful Career

5 Steps to Build an Impactful Career

Impactful Career

5 Steps to Build an Impactful Career

What defines impactful careers? Forbes characterizes highly impactful leaders as possessing emotional agility, clear purpose and meaning, a systems mindset, transparency, openness, and authentic care for others. 

Yet, the actual demonstration of a dynamic, inspirational job path is the legacy one leaves by serving others to benefit society now and in the future. 

When individuals identify their strengths and passions, set clear goals and objectives, plan to achieve targets, build networks, and learn and grow continuously, they can shape a successful work journey designed with impactful jobs.  

Identify Your Strengths and Passions

People are most satisfied, dedicated, and meaningful when performing tasks they love and excel at, which you can translate as pursuing their passions and strengths. Zippia reports that where more than 90% of workers identify their profession as high meaning, such as the clergy, education administrators, and radiation specialists, greater than 85% of the employees were satisfied with these jobs. 

Individuals seeking impactful careers are more likely to succeed if their occupations align with personal desires and abilities. Many avenues exist to identify strengths and passions, including:

  • Paying attention to your natural talents, what brings you joy, and activities that cause you to lose track of time.
  • Taking assessments and quizzes to help identify your knowledge, skills, abilities, passions, and strengths.
  • Noting activities that leave you energized, excited, and motivated or prompt others to seek your advice. 
  • Seeking the guidance of mentors and career coaches.
  • Experimenting with new activities, hobbies, and cultural experiences to uncover strengths and passions.
  • Reflecting on previous achievements and asking others for their opinions on your strengths and improvement areas.

Set Clear Goals and Objectives

Creating a work journey focused on impactful jobs without defined targets and intentions is like starting a trip without a set destination. You’ll end up somewhere, but that place may not be where you want to be. 

A Dominican University of California study yielded evidence that writing down and committing to goals on paper can increase goal attainment. Additionally, specifying the purposes of impactful careers assists with keeping the bigger picture and results in mind.  

To gain clarity, you can follow the goals and objects setting career tips below: 

First, identify your long-term goals and break each one into smaller, more workable tasks.

Utilize the Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound (SMART) methodology to construct your goals.

  • Ensure your goals and objectives align with your strengths, passions, and professional aspirations.
  • Prioritize by importance and urgency, identifying 3-5 to work on at any time.
  • Write down and regularly review your goals and objectives.
  • Share your goals with others you trust for accountability and encouragement. 

Develop a Plan to Achieve Your Goals

Goals and objectives set the destinations of impactful careers, and effective planning identifies your routes. Devising a robust plan for goal achievement in impactful jobs keeps one from getting sidetracked or discouraged.  

Moreover, defined tactics for target attainment are often included among the top career building tips because they promote resiliency and efficiency. You can create solid planning to achieve your goals in impactful careers by:

  • Documenting the steps for each prioritized, actionable task and creating a completion deadline for every step.
  • Scheduling time for step completion in your calendar and executing well.
  • Tracking and reviewing progress frequently, making updates as needed. 
  • Anticipating likely challenges or setbacks and discerning how to address them.
  • Seeking help and support from mentors, coaches, experts, and consultants.
  • Finding an accountability partner to keep you encouraged and on track. 
  • Embracing and using plan modifications to address new situations or opportunities. 
  • Celebrating triumphs, even the small ones, to continuously motivate you toward end goals.   

Build Your Network

Networking is a practical, fun way of building relationships to help create impactful careers. According to global survey results reported by LinkedIn Pressroom, nearly 80% of professionals consider networking important to a successful career.  

Building a solid network can increase your visibility, grow a support base, allow access to expert mentors, and connect you with people offering job referrals or invitations to engage in high-profile projects. Many options exist to build a strong network, including:

  • Attending events, conferences, and meetings sponsored by industry, networking, and college alum groups.
  • Joining professional organizations and associations to engage others.
  • Connecting with people on social media platforms like LinkedIn.
  • Participating in online forums and discussion groups. 
  • Being helpful, supportive, genuine, and authentic in your dealings.
  • Volunteering for mentorship, coaching, and industry-related project opportunities.
  • Reaching out to former colleagues or classmates.
  • Routinely checking in with those in your network. 

Learn and Grow Continuously

People who yearn for impactful careers must make learning and growth a lifelong activity. Those who refuse to develop professionally remain at a standstill while our world constantly advances. Consider the following testimony from a seasoned Environmental, Health, and Safety professional:

“It’s been my privilege to serve others as an environmental, health, and safety [EHS] professional for nearly 20 years. Yet, it wouldn’t have been possible without my pursuit of ongoing development. EHS changes constantly, but a commitment to learning and improvement has opened doors, kept me relevant, and taken my career places I hadn’t imagined.”  - K-M. Denyse Jones, REM, CESM | Owner and Principal Consultant at Prorsa Consulting

You can spark your continuous professional learning and growth with the following career tips: 

  • Attend workshops, conferences, and industry events to stay up-to-date. 
  • Read industry and professional association publications, books, and blogs to grow knowledge and keep current.
  • Pursue advanced degrees, certifications, or specialized training to deepen expertise.
  • Seek feedback from mentors, colleagues, or supervisors to identify areas for enhancement.
  • Take on new challenges or projects to broaden skills and experiences.
  • Participate in online learning opportunities, like webinars, online courses, and video learning.
  • Schedule time for self-reflection to identify strengths, weaknesses, and growth possibilities.
  • Find avenues to give back, such as volunteering or mentoring, to help you learn and grow.


Find Your Impactful Career

Building a career path that accentuates impactful jobs is possible. Knowing your strengths and passions, crafting goals and objectives, and executing a goal plan will lay the foundation for professional success. You can take your career to new heights by expanding your network and learning and growing continuously.  

Professional advancement with impact can produce the change needed to better society now and in the future. It can also cultivate genuine fulfillment in those who embark on the journey.  

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