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Here's how to convince your boss to fund your NI14 trip

Here's how to convince your boss to fund your NI14 trip

If you could spend three days with us (and 2,700 social and environmental impact leaders) at 2014 Net Impact Conference free of charge, would you?

Here's the deal.

  1. We know from all the testimonials we hear that the conference will help you develop your professional skills and knowledge and become more effective at your work.
  2. We know your boss cares, too, because when you become more effective, your workplace benefits.

So how can you convince your employer to help fund your way to NI14?  We've compiled some tips and tricks to get you started.

First, determine what outcomes are most important to your employer, such as:

  • Professional training opportunities, such as boot camps, specific learning tracks, and off-site business tours
  • The chance to identify your organization as a thought-leader in the impact space
  • An impressive network for building relationships with top talent

Then, follow these steps towards funding success:

  • Send your supervisor an email requesting to attend. You can customize our Sample Funding Request Template to provide your supervisor with a full picture of the conference.
  • Schedule a meeting. Be ready to discuss facts and information about NI14 in person, especially the aspects of the conference that are most relevant to your role.
  • Think of this as a sales pitch. Be organized, professional, and clear about why you think it is important that you attend.
  • Highlight how this event will benefit your work and your organization. Connect the mission of the conference to that of your organization or your specific role. Bring a list of sessions you plan to attend that you know will grab your supervisor's attention.

Remember, there is no one way to approach this topic, and you should follow whatever guidelines your organization has for these types of requests.

Once funding is secured, you're ready to register! We can't wait to see you in Minneapolis next month.