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Part Deux: 10 More Impact Investing Organizations and Leaders to Follow

Part Deux: 10 More Impact Investing Organizations and Leaders to Follow

After we published a list of 10 Impact Investing blogs and influencers we thought you should follow, many of you asked, "This is great, but who else should we follow!?" The field of impact investing seems to be growing exponentially, and every day, there are dozens of news articles, blogs, and reports being published on the the most innovative and inspiring practices. And because you've asked so nicely, we've rounded up 10 more impact investing organizations and influencers to follow. Enjoy!


HIP Investor rates and ranks more than 7000+ investments and funds globally, including 4500+ companies worldwide, and 2,500+ issuances of bonds.

Global Impact Investing Network is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing the scale and effectiveness of impact investing.

Impact Investor offers a comprehensive resource for those looking for social, environmental or ethical impact – alongside a financial return.

SVT Group believes it pays to do good. SVT aspires to be the world's best impact accounting firm.

Mission Investors Exchange is where philanthropic innovators share ideas, tools and experiences to increase the impact of their capital.


Cathy Clark, Director, CASEi3 Initiative on Impact Investing, Social Entreprenuer Accelerator at Duke; co-author of The Impact Investor.

Clara Miller, President of F. B. Heron Foundation; Former CEO of Nonprofit Finance Fund.

Don Gerritsen, Manager Sustainability & Responsible Investment at Investors Association; sustainability and environmental, social, and  governance.

Jacqueline Novogratz, Founder/CEO of Acumen, dedicated to changing the way the world tackles poverty; author of The Blue Sweater.  

Max Prilutsky, Impact investor, entrepreneur, founder of Changemaker Capital; passionate about use of business as a force for good; seeking companies addressing social causes.

Follow the #hashtag

In addition to following these organizations and influencers, be sure to follow impact investing conversations happening on Twitter by searching #impinv and #sri.