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How to Celebrate Earth Day 2021

How to Celebrate Earth Day 2021


This year at Net Impact we are celebrating Earth Day by highlighting the different ways grassroots organizations, government, higher education institutions, and more are sharing knowledge, pushing for change, and using Earth Day to continue to spotlight the need for collective action against climate change. Below are resources and events to get you inspired to celebrate.


  • Leaders Summit On Climate

On April 22nd and 23rd, US President Joe Biden will invite forty world leaders to participate in a climate conference that will be live-streamed to the public. By the time of the Summit, the United States will announce an ambitious 2030 emissions target as its  new nationally determined contribution under the  Paris Agreement. Learn more here.

  • NASA

NASA is hosting a series of virtual Earth Day events from April 21st through April 24th, focused on how to live more sustainably on our home planet. The events will explore the connections between Earth’s atmosphere, water cycle, forests, fields, cities, ice caps, and climate. Click here to register

Nonprofit organizations

  • The Nature Conservancy

On April 22nd, The Nature Conservancy is highlighting leaders who are speaking up for nature and making a positive difference for our environment. To learn more and register for this virtual event, visit:


On April 22nd, will be hosting a live event entitled “Restore our Earth,” which will discuss green technologies, natural processes, and innovative thinking. Visit to learn more.

Higher Education

  • The STEMinist Movement Sustainability Summit 2021

In partnership with Cornell University, The Steminist Movement, Inc., a national nonprofit organization that fights the STEM gender gap will be hosting a 2021 Sustainability Summit. As part of the summit, on April 22nd the organization will be featuring a conversation with musician and United Nations Development Programme Advocate, Adam Met, on human rights laws and sustainable development. Click here to register.

  • Tufts University Earth Month 2021

Tufts University’s Office of Sustainability will be concluding their Earth Month 2021 with a series of conversations and events on issues such as the offshore wind industry, environmental justice, as well as a conversation with renowned conservationist, activist, and ethologist Jane Goodall. Click here for a full list of their events and speakers.

Grassroots Organizations

  • The Climate Center

The Climate Center will conduct a free webinar, “Clean Mobility - Driving to 2030 with Speed and Equity,” that will focus on making California climate safe and net-negative in emissions by 2030.The webinar will take place on April 28th. Visit to learn more. 

  • The Sierra Club

As part of the Sierra Club’s Earth Week of Action, the organization will be hosting a conversation on public land victories in 2021 and will discuss how public lands can be part of the climate solution. This event will take place on April 26th. Click here to learn about all of the Sierra Club’s Earth Week of Action events.

Find an Event Near You

To find a local event near you, visit’s interactive map to search for your event type, location, language, and age group.