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Building a Regenerative Economy Together

RE3 Speakers

Join us on Thursday, November 18, from 9 am PT / 12 pm ET to 10:30 am PT / 1:30 pm ET for the third event in our Regenerative Economy series: Building a Regenerative Economy Together: Inspiring Stories and Community Connection. Use this time zone tool to determine the start/end time in your area. 

This event will give you an opportunity to: 

  • Hear and learn from the perspectives of BIPOC social entrepreneurs
  • Learn more about social entrepreneurship
  • Build connections among attendees, share your experience, and highlight our common work
  • Learn ways to carry ideas forward and take action
  • Find opportunities to develop new insights into your own social change pathway

Building a Regenerative Economy Together: Inspiring Stories and Community Connection will spotlight BIPOC social entrepreneurs while creating an inclusive dialogue for all in the Net Impact community to learn from each other's perspectives and experiences. You'll hear new voices and meet new people! The event will create an inclusive space to highlight BIPOC leaders in our community and have everyone connect around common issues. The Net Impact community is filled with leaders like you! And this event will allow you to connect with other attendees, build relationships, and take action together. 

The Regenerative Economy is co-created by people like you - aspiring and successful social change leaders and entrepreneurs from all walks of life who care deeply about the state of our world and want to make it better for generations to come. What are your stories? What is your unique perspective on these global issues that are often intellectualized and made abstract? 

    The event will be highly interactive. Attendees will connect with the speakers and each other - come ready to engage.  Since this event is more conducive to the in-person experience, we will not be offering a recording of the event. Please join us live!

    Our Featured Social Entrepreneurs: