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Attention all Global Citizens and Community!

Are you motivated and passionate about Social, Economic and Humanitarian Mission, Purpose, Compassion, Generosity, Benevolence and Goodwill, Responsibility, Values and Impact Creation, Sustainable Living, Lifestyles, Livelihoods and Development?

If you've even the slightest interest in aligning your Passions, Career/Profession and Personal growth with Mission, Impact and Purpose to become a change maker or agent in your community, school, place of work or worship, wherever you may find yourself. Desire to cultivate and nurture strategic career/professional, personal, business, entrepreneurial, diversity management, social, intercultural, interpersonal communication/relations and leadership competencies and learnigs, contacts, links, networks, you can't afford to miss this incredible social, economic and humanitarian values, impact, responsiveness, mission, purpose, compassion, generosity, benevolence, goodwill and sustainable development driven grassroots movement.

We are unlocking, leveraging and activating local, community and grassroots talents, energies, passions, opportunities and solutions for addressing critical pervasive and emerging challenges, sustainable development, fundamental and radical attitudinal and mindsets change at all levels of society within Ghana and beyond.

Register and join the Accra Innovative and Collaborative Development NEST (Net Impact NEST) chapter right NOW!

About us

The people and community centered, bird inspired Accra Innovative and Collaborative Development NEST (Neighborhoods Empowerment and Sustainable Transformation), is a chapter managed under the Social Enterprise (SE) Kra Integrated Solutions Ltd (Krinsol Ecotours)

This chapter, is a dynamic, proactive, professional, multicultural and diversity responsive team led chapter. We strive to provide a formidable sanctuary, serving as the catalyst and ultimate hub for unearthing, honing and harnessing indigenous and grassroots knowledgeable, innovative, creative, public spirited, ethical and conscientious leaders, change makers and agents within every facets of Ghanaian communities, society and fields of endeavor.

This will be achieved through impressing upon and imbibing in our members, the youth, grassroots people and communities, early and midterm professionals the requisite character ethics, skills, tools and experience needed to all times and under all circumstances, strictly illuminate and adhere to impeccable standards of excellence, professionalism, integrity and moral conduct, knowledge, articulation and decency.

This chapter will work assiduously to influence a holistic, radical and fundamental environmental and natural resource responsibility, social, cultural, economic, humanitarian, democratic and political development attitudinal and mind-set change which helps to provide the leverage for micro level active citizenship, social, economic and political inclusion. Mechanisms that have been adopted to achieve this include constant and consistent training, capacity building, information dissemination, public education, sensitization and awareness raising covering critical and diverse issues confronting people, communities and society.

These issues include self-esteem and confidence building, climate change, environmental and natural resource conservation, business, entrepreneurial, leadership, social, economic, humanitarian, democratic and political development. The ultimate goal is to activate individual, group and community self-determination, actualization, development and improvement. We are optimistic these will ultimately amplify grassroots people and communities becoming more robust, resilient, resourceful and self-reliant in all spheres of life and/or human endeavors.

We believe these are key push and pull factors or pillars that provides the leverage for producing qualitative leaders and change agents who becomes useful, relevant and meaningfully impact diverse people, communities, society and humanity. Ultimately, we have strong convictions that, this can induce tremendous snowball effects on Ghana’s effort to achieve a thriving pro-poor, vulnerable, needy, deprived, minority and marginalized sustainable development. And of course, this is our primary and fundamental driving force.

Net Impact empowers a new generation to drive social and environmental change throughout their careers. Our volunteer-led chapter drives change by creating a like-minded community and providing events and programs that support members who aim to use business as a force for environmental & social impact. Join us!


Kakraba Emmanuel
Daniel Ato Aidoo, Dr
Francis Darku
Administration, Programs Coordinator and Organizing Secretary
Rachel Kakraba
Public Relations, Information and Stakeholder Liaison
Michael Wonder Adzigbey
General Secretary, Operations and International Relations
Frederick Stephen Arhin
Outreach, Research and Development


1. Training and capacity building.
2. Humanitarian and social services.
3. Short courses, conferences, seminars and workshops.
4. Public education, Information dissemination, awareness raising and sensitization.
5. Tourism based social, cultural, entertainment, leisure, recreation, healthy lifestyle and sport events and activities aimed at leadership, teamwork, diversity management, social and intercultural communication skills development.