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Board Fellows

Board Fellows places chapter members as non-voting board members at local nonprofits for six months to a year. Board Fellows brings valuable business skills to nonprofits while exposing participants to nonprofit management and governance.

What's it like being a Board Fellow?

Board Fellows serve on nonprofit boards for short-term fellowships (typically one year). They are active participants on the boards, attend board sessions, and get involved with committees and relevant projects under the mentorship of a current board member. In addition to regular board responsibilities, many Board Fellows also work on strategic projects which are determined in conversation with the Executive Director and Board Mentor.

"Board Fellows was a really great experience for me.  I worked on a finance project and it was a great chance to apply what I was learning, to make the connection between the theoretical and practical. I also got the chance to meet and network with some really interesting people.”

- Jason Lee, Board Fellow, University of Maryland

Why should my chapter get involved?

A Board Fellows program provides members with tangible nonprofit management and board governance experience - it's a great resume builder while also bringing valuable business skills to the nonprofit sector.

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