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A lecture meeting by successful social entrepreneurs from Japan to learn how they revitalized rural areas after the tsunami through publishing an “edible magazine”, the Taberu Journal.

Speakers Profile;
YUKI HOMMA: Director Tohoku Taberu Journal. Chairman, HUG. Following working at Fujitsu, he started a start-up “Location Value” launching several location-based mobile services. After selling the company, he had traveled all over the world for 2 years. Back to Japan in 2011, he started publishing a newspaper on reconstruction effort in Tohoku with his NPO HUG. In 2013, he established NPO Tohoku Kaikon to start “Taberu Journal”.

KUNIHIRO “PON” MANABE: Chief editor/ Chairman, Shikoku Taberu Journal. Starting his carrier at Lehman Brothers and experienced the collapse, he has worked in brokerage industry for 8 years. In 2012 he changed his stage to Shikoku to work as social entrepreneur. Beside Taberu Journal, now he run a vtour company and a café to revitalize his hometown.

RENATA PIAZZA: Founder and Director, NPO HASEKURA PROGRAM, which is introducing Tohoku’s innovation to Europe and creating new business opportunities for its regional leaders. She in an Italian national with a solid experience in the field of International Relations and International Event Coordination.