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About us

We, at ESMT Berlin, are now part of Net Impact, a global community of students and professionals who aspire to be the most effective change agents they can be. Net Impact offers emerging leaders the skills, experiences, and connections they need to make a lasting social and environmental impact, now and throughout their careers. They help turn passions into a lifetime of world-changing actions. Many people want to make a difference, but turning good intentions into tangible impact can be hard. Net Impact is your accelerator. It gives its members the skills, connections, and experiences they need to maximize their potential and have a lasting impact on the world. 100,000 strong (and growing), with 323 global chapters (+1 in Germany), its members take on social challenges, protect the environment and orient businesses and products toward the greater good. Join us in a movement and bring change in the world, a change you wish to see, a change you can be!


Nikhil Bajpai
Vice-President (Marketing)
Raquel Gonzalez Rodriguez
Vice-President (Marketing)
Ingo Albrecht
Vice-President (Operations and Events)
Chau Hoang
Vice-President (Operations and Events)
Michael Nicodemus
Vice-President (Partnerships)
Anda Marin
Vice-President (Operations and Events)
Rifqi Tjahyono
Vice-President (Partnerships)
Dominik Wischnewski
Vice-President (Finance)