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About us

Chapter mission:
The mission of Pratt’s Chapter is to inspire and educate its design leaders and community to use the power of strategic design coupled with businesses to ensure positive economic, social, and environmental impact.

The Opportunity

How we might create a dynamic global network of students using the power of design to create a better world?
Pratt has been selected as an Impact Design Partner to create a new campus model for engaging students in using design to drive positive social and environmental impact. We are seeking students to be part of our membership team. Let's co-create the future of designing for impact at Pratt and beyond!

What is Net Impact?
Net Impact is a leading nonprofit that empowers a new generation to drive social and environmental change on campus and throughout their careers. At the heart of their community are over 300 student-led chapters across the globe working for a sustainable future.

Why Join Pratt Net Impact?
Become a member, and receive the following benefits:
• Lead the way in building a community on campus at the intersection of design and impact
• Gain skills and experience through real-world Impact Design projects and events
• Connect and network with others in the impact design and sustainable business world
• Receive discounts to attend the Net Impact Conference
• Become a free member of Net Impact with access to online resources, impact job board, & more
• Make an impact as part of a global network using the power of design to create a better world