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Our calendar features educational and networking events hosted by Net Impact and our 300+ chapters, as well as others hosted by our friends. So get out there, expand your professional circle, and join the discussion in your local community!

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Jan 29

Leadership Development Circle

Join an upcoming three-part Leadership Development Circle to be co-facilitated by two NI Chicago members, Dr. Sarah Warren and Susan Camberis. The series will be grounded in Andrew Savitz’s 2013 book entitled Talent, Transformation, and the Triple Bottom Line.

Apr 01

Sustainable Electronics and the Bottom Line

We invite you to attend the April 1st comprehensive panel event ( on ethical electronics, featuring speakers from both the East and West Coast and electronics recycling offered by the Lower East Side Ecology Center.

Apr 23

A Path to Conflict-Free Chocolate?

“A Path to Conflict-Free Chocolate?” is a four-part series sponsored by the Institute for Corporate Responsibility at the George Washington University that will help facilitate a dialog on how business can affect peace—addressing the various social, environmental, and governance challenges the industry faces.

Apr 24

Sustainable Brands Rio

Join us for two days of extraordinary conversation and insight as the global sustainable brand movement continues to grow in South America.

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