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Net Impact's Corporate Partnership Principles

Net Impact's Corporate Partnership Principles

Net Impact was founded thirty years ago on the principle that business can and should be a force for ‘good’ and serve as a vehicle for addressing social and environmental issues. 

Through partnerships, Net Impact seeks to forge relationships and collaborations amongst our diverse member network and allies that are actively aligned with our social impact mission, have made commitments through social impact frameworks, and have ongoing investments that address the world’s most pressing problems. We look to collaborate with organizations that are using their business platforms to drive change, both within their own organizations and in communities and markets, on issues including but not limited to: 

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
  • Reducing emissions and mitigating climate change
  • Fair and equitable supply chains and practices
  • Restoring natural resources
  • Fostering collaborations with local communities 


In addition, we require our partner organizations to demonstrate the following:

  • A strongly aligned vision for change and a relevant impactful opportunity for collaboration
  • A set of credible, ambitious, and measurable impact goals
  • The resources (capital, team, other) dedicated to stewarding the collaboration to drive progress towards established or to be established goals 


Social and climate impact is a journey and our ability to achieve extraordinary impact is further accelerated when we collaborate with influential partners that are committed to a shared vision of a more sustainable and just world. No company, organization, or person is perfect, but progress should be encouraged and there is always more work to be done. Thus, we seek partnerships with organizations that are committed to improved practices and fruitful, positive engagement with employees, consumers, the communities in which they operate, and other stakeholders. Our forged partnership can assist organizations through difficult conversations that result in more holistic, sustainable practices, tipping the scales towards justice and progress. 

Our partnerships take many forms, including the receipt of funds through corporate sponsorships and programming support. These funds are crucial to achieving our mission of supporting emerging leaders as they use their skills and careers to drive business and innovation to create a positive impact to the benefit of our partners, people, and planet. 

Net Impact is constantly evaluating the success of our strategic initiatives, engagements, and partnerships and we pledge to engage in honest dialogue with our community and partners to assure transparency and the mutual success of our mission.