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Hilary Manzo

Hilary Manzo

Hey Impacters! As a Program Manager, I design and manage the largest and longest-running program at Net Impact, Up to Us. My work focuses on community management, streamlining systems and processes, and delivering educational and motivational content to our emerging student leaders. I have the pleasure of working directly with students and professionals to help them lead informative and impactful campaigns across the country. Helping the general public understand complex isses through community and civic engagement has always been an passion of mine. Before joining Net Impact, I worked closely with the League of Women Voters on my college campus as President of the campus' student unit to help get out the vote. 

  • When I need to relax, I: Exercise and cook! Not necessarily in that order. 
  • The part of my job that keeps me heading to work each day is: Knowing that I will be challenged with new problems and the opportunity to inspire the next generation of leaders.
  • The last song I listened to was: Answer by Connie Constance 

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