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Chapter Advisors

Chapter Advisors are an important part of the Net Impact Community. Partnering together, Chapter Leaders and Advisors can create heightened awareness of social and environmental responsibility on campus leading to increased impact!

Net Impact Chapter Leaders benefit tremendously from the guidance and continuity of a Chapter Advisor, which is why Net Impact Central requires a Chapter Advisor for all Student Chapters. Chapter Advisors can be university administrators or faculty members who are interested in supporting the work of the Chapter to advance social and environmental change. Chapter Leaders looking to recruit a Chapter Advisor should reference the Leadership Succession page, which contains ideas and resources for recruiting Chapter Leaders and Chapter Advisors.

The following list of best practices is intended both to help Chapter Advisors understand the different ways they can support the Chapter, and to help Chapter Leaders understand the value Chapter Advisor(s) can offer in building a strong Chapter positioned for long-term success.

1. Plan for the year and check in on progress

Incoming Chapter Leaders should develop an annual plan for the year and schedule a meeting with their Chapter Advisor. Advisors can provide helpful context from their experience and be a sounding board for realistic, measurable goals.

Net Impact Central offers unique and exclusive programs to Net Impact Chapters. Net Impact Central Programs are carefully planned each year and designed to help Chapter Leaders and Members learn and lead, and can run parallel to chapters' local activities.

Chapter Advisors should stay in touch with the Chapter Leaders and budget approximately 3 hours a month to do so. Advisor support can be through attending or speaking at a Chapter event, advocating for the Chapter on campus, or by checking in with Chapter Leaders on goals.

2. Support opportunities to connect with the Net Impact Community

Through Net Impact Central, there are several ways for Chapters to get involved, including dedicated summits for Chapter Leaders to learn and connect with other leaders from across the country and around the world, virtual events to learn and network from the community, and sometimes even in-person engagements. Many schools reimburse students for attendance to these types of engagements. Chapter Advisors are the most powerful advocates in helping secure funds for students to attend these unique opportunities. Note: currently, our national conference is a digital event series! Find out more here!

3. Connect and learn

Net Impact Central provides opportunities throughout the year for Chapter Leaders to learn and connect. Advisors can connect with one another by attending Net Impact Virtual Events or local in-person conference (when available), where Chapter Advisors network with other school officials, student leaders, and global industry experts to discuss the world’s toughest challenges and solutions.

4. Ensure thoughtful succession planning

As students are only in their programs for a limited time, thoughtful succession planning is critical. Chapter Advisors play a powerful role in leadership continuity by helping students elect their new leadership team with succession planning in mind and by encouraging a leadership knowledge transition plan.

5. Check that Chapters complete their annual requirements

Each year, Net Impact Central asks Chapters to complete certain requirements. Requirements include paying annual Chapter dues, often funded by the school or through a fall event, and completing the annual reporting process in the spring.



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