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Diversity and Inclusion

Net Impact Central is committed to supporting you in advancing your Chapter’s mission, goals, and work to be as effective and successful as possible. We recognize and acknowledge that working on issues of diversity and inclusion is complex, challenging, and emotional work. We have the responsibility to look at groups of people who have the least opportunity and the greatest disparities, and how our work can help amplify systems and institutions that address their needs. We also need to be willing to look at where we currently stand and reflect on the ways in which we fail to foster diverse and inclusive environments so that we can do things differently. You will make mistakes. Making mistakes is unavoidable in this work, and the goal is not perfection. The goal is to strive towards creating an increasingly diverse and inclusive Chapter.

We strongly believe that creating large-scale, systemic change around diversity and inclusion is essential, and believe that starting with yourself and your Chapter is a necessary first step. Once your Chapter itself promotes and sustains a diverse and inclusive culture, you will be more readily equipped to take on wide-scale change. As a Net Impact chapter leader, it may seem that the impact of your efforts may be small but collectively we can truly create a net impact.

Below you will find resources on diversity and inclusion for your chapter. There is an overview and four key documents on specific chapter activities.


What is Diversity & Inclusion?

Key Recommendations

Programming Recommendations

Membership Recommendations

Full Diversity & Inclusion Guide