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Marketing Your Chapter

Marketing Your Chapter

It is important to market all of your chapter’s programming. Different events will call for different techniques but channels to think about include: email, your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Student Chapters should think about their school’s resources, event calendars, and how people on their campus learn about programming. Remember to consider the diverse audiences who might be interested in your Chapter and its programming and ensure your language is inclusive and inviting to a wide array of people.

Check out the marketing materials we have available to chapters here. 

Things to consider when marketing your chapter: 

  • What communication channels are most effective? What audience are you trying to reach?
  • How do your members like to engage? Are you using the channels they use? 
  • What's the current reach of your communication channels? 
  • Are there different organizations, departments, or faculty/staff members you can connect with to help suupport marketing your chapter events and recrutment?
  • Can you connect with other chapters and market each other's events/resources?


  • Look at past marketing efforts/metrics to understand strengths and weaknesses. Make necessary adjustments based on that data. 
  • Look beyond your typical engagements/channels and test new things out
  • Take a look at other chapters and like-minded organizations for inspiration on marketing materials

Social Media
Social media is a great tool to use to promote your chapter and events, keep members updated, and further engage with chapter members. To ensure you are maximizing the potential of your chapter's social media pages and engaging your members to the fullest extent, we recommend posting frequently and regularly, with a variety of content. Keep the page current and active with timely responses to messages and comments. 
Postings and shared content can include:

  • Net Impact Central and chapter events and program information
  • Net Impact blogs
  • Official Net Impact social content
  • Important links: Net Impact Events and Website
  • Event photos and videos
  • Articles and videos of relevant and interesting topics
  • Multimedia content (videos, photos, gifs, links)
  • Recognition and gratitude to members
    • Highlight different chapter members and leaders for their contributions and experiences
  • Polls and discussion questions
    • This is a great way to increase engagement and provide a space for all members to bring their voices to the table
  • And more! 


Check out these Chapters' pages for inspiration:

Facebook: Net Impact Boston Professional Chapter, Net Impact DC Professional Chapter, Net Impact UO Undergraduate Chapter, Net Impact Texas State Undergraduate Chapter

Twitter: @SchulichNI, @NIBoston, @netimpactSEA, @DCNetImpact, @NetImpactNYC, @NetImpactPhilly

Instagram: @netimpactuo, @netimpactloyola, @netimpactesmt, @netimpact_iu

LinkedIn: Net Impact Boston Professional Chapter, Net Impact Amsterdam Professional Chapter

YouTube: Net Impact Central Texas College

Webpages: New York City Professional