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"Net Impact LN is a community of networking professionals committed to solving the world’s toughest social and environmental problems through a sustainable networking Impact Investing partnership directed at human and community development”.
Net Impact LN "where good works" is a Lagos - Nigeria based professional chapter of Net Impact ["Central"] a non-profit public benefit corporation based in California USA.
Our newly launched program Net Impact LN Retailers Trading Platform designed to provide Food Security accross Lagos by providing a level playing ground for retailers to strive in growth and expansion..Learn more below under program on how to take advantage this offer as a retailer within the Lagos state metropolitan or contact 08030891822 via call or WhatsApp.

About us

Relevance is the full experience of an idea and our philosophical approach to human co-existence, self-reliance, economic corporation, sustainability, corporate impact & community development, one that not only changes minds, but also changes behavior, and sustains it. When something or cause is truly relevant, it becomes part of us and we act. We move from passive to involved and indifferent to eager. We are compelled to act, whether that’s working on livelihood research, project implementation, or incorporating a sustainability program we’ve fallen in love with. To us relevance is very important and we fully engage the sensory experiences, values systems and community impulses of the individual, not just the rational.

That’s why relevance is at the core of our organization’s mission, it’s in our practice to always make our organization and causes more relevant and sustaining relevance through all times focusing on changing minds & behaviors – how people think & what people do. To do that we continue to develop and refine our strategic planning platform and research methodology so we can better understand how to become and stay relevant in the lives of people, communities and organizations. We conduct ongoing primary and secondary research to gain new insights on how ideas can become more relevant with networking members, communities, and partners.

Our hypothesis is if you’re relevant, you can influence behavior as well as opinion. Changing how people behave as well as how they think will create truly measurable results.


Net Impact LN - "Retailers Trading Platform"

Many reasons drive the global push to "Food Security". While sustainability is one of them, ensuring availability of food at the reach of households to promote economic and social well-being, mental and physical health, and a sustainable future for humans are some other powerful incentives.

Without mincing words, the rate of hike in price and the growing scarcity of some food items in Lagos should be given adequate attention. The need to fashion out an effective and efficient system of food/goods distribution have to be given consideration.

Our priority is to provide a platform that will directly link retailers up with farms/agri-processors/fcmg's in other to get direct supply and distribution of goods to retailers doorstep with access to quick business loans with easy payment platform and, also access to credit. facility inform of instalments payments to help keep retailers in business while promote growth and expansion.

The Retailers Trading Platform is an initiative of Net Impact LN designed to create social impacts the area of Food Security by providing a leverage platform for both branded and unbranded food items retail business to strive.

Are you into food items or provisions retail business within lagos axis and your retail business can be categorised under any of these retail categories - * Branded Goods - provision stores and supermarkets. * Unbranded Goods - staple food item stores and farm produce stores.

Net Impact LN a professional chapter of Net Impact (Central) a non profit public benefit corporation based in California, US in her quest to create impact in the area of Food Security is presenting retailers within lagos metropolitan with free opportunity to register and join her Retailers Trading Platform designed to integrate retailers into a system that will position them to numerous open benefits targeted at keeping retailers in business, increasing their business capacity in terms of growth and expansion while enjoying the following benefits:

• Free access to business coverage under the platform
• Free access to exposure to business opportunities
. Free access to quick business loans with easy payment plan
. Free and easy access to guaranteed supply at your retail door step
. Free and easy access to credit facility in form of instalments payments
. Free access to the right information to explore
. Free access to business training/education, guidance and counselling
. Free access to business security and facelift
• Free access to business growth and expansion

Hurry now and join Net Impact LN Retailers Trading Platform for free and give your retail business a big boost as we look forward to having you onboard.
Contact 08030891822 by phone call, text or WhatsApp to get started..