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Registering Your Chapter

For Students

Most colleges and universities require student groups to register on campus in order to receive funding, reserve rooms, and access other resources. Most universities have an administrative body in charge of overseeing on-campus student organizations, whether it’s the Student Government or the Office of Student Affairs/Activities. Make sure your Chapter is registered and know about all the resources you can access. If you need help with the registration process, please contact Net Impact Central (


As part of the registration process, you may need to create bylaws. These are optional rules completed with input from the leadership team that can help create a structure to resolve any potential leadership/Chapter issues in the future. This is a good place to consider adding something about embedding your values around diversity and inclusion into your bylaws so that everyone who is part of your Chapter knows that you are serious about the topic. The final version of the document should be kept in a shared digital format accessible to Members. For your reference, here are downloadable sample Chapter bylaws for student and professional Chapters for you to customize.


Example Student Bylaws

Example Professional Bylaws